Monday, 25 October 2010

Naughty Weightwatcher!

I have been a truly terrible weightwatcher recently and have only lost 9lbs since July. Weighed myself at Boots on Saturday and am 15st 9lbs I'm waiting until next wednesday then joining a meeting in my new home - Leeds! I've been so terrible with my binging recently I've found myself eating things I dont even particularly like just because its there and I feel like eating.

I've been so chaotic with my food I'm actually looking forward to the structure and organisation weightwatchers forces me into and I'm hoping I can be a sexy size 14/16 by Christmas! At the moment I'm a size 17 - 16 is too small, 18 is baggy...nightmare.

Its nice and comforting to see some old friendly faces still about.

Hope others are faring better than me!

I will update soon!

Catherine xx