Monday, 24 September 2012


I was sure I had done a post in August but it doesn't seem to be showing.  I am all moved in with Anthony now, into a 2 double bedroomed house with a driveway and garden!  I feel like a grown up.  The location is good, I can hear sheep and cows in the field on my way to the bus stop and on a morning lounging in bed you can normally hear dog walkers shouting after their pets or kids playing football.  Its not where I'd really want to be very long-term but nevermind.  I want to be somewhere quirkier with cool bars and coffee shops where the charity shops are full of good stuff.  One day!  Its cheap enough to save a decent amount so hopefully in a few years we'll be able to buy!

In weight loss news I've been messing about a bit.  I've lost 4lbs this week, but this takes me to the weight I was a few weeks ago.  Anyone who thinks losing weight is easy has no understanding of the psychological issue that weight really is.  I panicked when I got to 12st 9lbs as it meant I'd lost just over 7st and was well on the way to my goal weight (2st4lbs to go).  I think in some ways I'm scared of being slim and feel I don't deserve it.  I'm also really scared of more loose skin.  So the aim for this week is to tonetonetone!  I have 28 days exactly until my holiday to Turkey - we booked on Saturday.  I went to Turkey with Mike, my ex 3 years ago and am determined to look nothing like how I did then.  In fact, we're now getting a bit worried that I don't look like my passport picture!

Above is a picture of what I won't look like in my next lot of holiday pics.  I do miss those boobs though.  You can't have it all!