Thursday, 23 February 2012

So I'm in my 8th week of being on plan and so far I've lost 12.5lbs, a bit disappointed as would have hoped to have lost more by now but hey ho.  I've stayed the same for two weeks in a row and am hoping this is the week it will start to shift again.

Two weeks ago I got back to exercising.  I weigh about the same now that I did late last year when I was really hammering the exercise but oh my lord, its amazing how much my stamina and fitness levels had slipped.  I'm hoping the stay the same results have been because of the exercise and toning as a result.  I feel slimmer and people are commenting that I look 'trim' so I'm sure it will appear on the scales soon enough :)

Overall now I've lost 5st 3.5lbs since March 1st 2010.  They say slow and steady wins the race and I'm confident thats true.  With about 4st still to lost I feel in a way that I'm on the home stretch however I do tend to have real wobbles where I get really scared and I think that might be because I don't know what I'm aiming for.  My official WW goal weight is 10st 5lbs but I can't see myself being that slim.  I probably weighed that much when I was 10.

I've had some blips where I've maintained for a while, or gained but am determined to continue.  I feel like I might self-sabotage because I'm scared.  Most people have been slim and so know what they're aiming for.  They have an 'ideal me' picture they can look at for motivation.  Being slim is really scary to me because I've never been there.

BMI doesn't mean a lot to me and so in reality I'm aiming for 12st, I feel at that weight I'd still be squishy, curvy and womanly but would just be a lot more healthy.  So I suppose that means I actually have only 2st 6.5lbs to lost.  Bring it on!