Tuesday, 1 May 2012

Nearly Overweight!

Only people who have been properly obese/morbidly obese can understand the significance of this.  I have lost 2st since 2nd Jan 2012 - when I re-signed up for weight watchers and overall since March 2010 I have now lost 6st 5lbs.  I still can't believe it and it really doesn't seem real.  I've just done an online BMI calculator and found I need to lose 4lbs more to be overweight rather than obese.  Although I believe BMI is a daft calculation with little medical significance its still the measurement that is widely accepted by medics and by weightwatchers.  My BMI has gone from 45 to 30.5.  Happy Days.

I've been struggling recently with binge eating, as I always do but have got it much more under control.  Everything seems so out of control at the moment in my life its really effecting me.  I hate living at the boyfriend's flat but staying at mine isn't practical.  We want to move but we can't afford it, and also when we can we're not going to be moving to an area which I want to live in.  Booo!  Also, I have no idea what is happening with my job and where I'm going to be working.  People are being told they have to interview for their own jobs all around me yet I haven't heard anything yet.  Anxious times and its really getting to me.

At least weight and exercise is something I can control :)

Oh oh, and last month I had a significant moment.  I went on a night out and didn't feel like 'the fat one' I was obviously bigger than my 2 friends, but not massive in comparison as I'm used to.

Daft toilet posing aside, I look normal sized!