Thursday, 29 April 2010

1lb to go

So...I lost 4.5lbs last week somehow. I thought I might have a STS because I didn't eat very good things last week although I did always stay within points. So I was over the moon with that, 1lb to go and I'll have hit my 10% and lost 2stone. EEK! The only weeny little thing standing in my way is 2 ngihts out this weekend. One is a leaving do for one of the girls at work, the other is a hen party for a girl I used to work with. I've been saving a few points each day in preparation so fingers crossed I can lose that weeny little pound at least and get that keyring!

Things aren't good with the boyfriend. I just don't fancy him at the moment, I feel like we're more like siblings than a couple and I hate it. He confronted me on Monday and asked me to just tell him whether I want to be with him anymore. Truth is I have no idea what I want. We used to be so good together and I don't really understand why we're not anymore. He's getting more and more insecure that I'm losing weight so he's decided he's joining me at WW this week as he's overweight himself. I suppose it'll be nice to do something together and may end up improving things overall :) Positive mental attitude!

I'm in a bit of a difficult place clothes-wise at the moment. Things that didn't fit before are now not only fitting, but starting to feel a little baggy which makes me feel rubbish in them. I like my shape and so like clothes to show off my boobs, waist and curvy hips. At the moment I feel like a sack of spuds in my old clothes! I also have no money to spend. 4 nights out this month is very very very unusual for me and I'm sure its going to cost me an absolute fortune. Hopfully I'll lose lbs as well as ££s!

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