Saturday, 24 July 2010


WELL! Where the heckers to start!

I moved into my lovely little new flat and am now feeling pretty at home and settled. I've been there two weeks, theres so much I want to buy for it, I just want to nest! I also joined a free dating website as the chances of me meeting anyone the normal way are pretty slim and I thought it'd be a laugh if nothing else. Its true all the attention from guys has been a real boost, especially as I put a full length photo up and made it clear I'm a size 18 (officially no size 20 item fits anymore! woop!). Since joining up my inbox has just been on I've had a few weirdos and a few messages that have just said "Hi" or "Hi babe, you're cute, wanna chat?" now what the flip is that if thats the start of a beautiful relationship!

So this guy sent me a message and he looked really cute, sounded really intelligent and interesting in his profile and had sent me a very much personalised and well thought-through message. He instantly caught my eye. We clicked straight away and soon swopped numbers. I dread to think how many texts we've sent back and forth but I've gone over my limit for the first time ever on my phone contract haha. Last night was our first date, we met at 6 in a pub local to both of us and after drinks, a bus ride into town, food and LOTS of kissing it was 2am and we had to face the fact that we needed to get home. Every little bit of me wanted to invite him back to mine but my head said no. I'm not long out of a relationship and this wasn't meant to happen, eek! I'm seeing him again on Wednesday for a cinema this space! I think I'm a smitten kitten already though....oh dear!

In WW news, I cant get to meetings until at least this week due to funds or lack of so I've no idea whats going on. The scales at work are innacurate in that you have to add on about 7lb but they suggest a loss so I'm happy with that. The first week in the flat was time of the month and I comfort ate a bit (a lot) due to feeling shit scared of being alone and the usual time of the month chocolate cravings but I'm back on track now. Onwards and downwards. Also now I'm dating I've a new excuse to get super sexy! I already feel pretty damn hot after last night though!

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