Monday, 5 July 2010

Hello New Chapter!

So people who've been reading will know I've recently got out of a long term relationship. The Big Move is tomorrow and Wednesday and I'm so excited! I've got myself a little studio flat in a popular area of Leeds and I'm full of mixed emotions about it really. I'm scared of getting lonely, but then I know I have friends at work. Since the weight loss and break-up my self confidence has just soared, its very strange. I feel like me again! I dont think so negatively about myself. I think when I was bigger I thought I had to be really interesting all the time and that people couldn't possibly want to talk to me but I feel much more relaxed in myself now. All very weird!

People at work are talking about me and the new male OT, he's yum and fun to flirt with but thats all it is at the moment. Still its nice being able to have a good old flirt, I'd forgotten what that was like! Saturday night was my first night out as a single girl and it was so much fun! Me and him were joking about faking a relationship to get people at work talking at work, it was a very alcohol fueled conversation haha.

I've spent the last couple of days packing things away and am picking up the keys tomorrow for the new flat. I can't wait to see it again, I just hope I'm not disappointed! Hopefully this is the start of an actual social life too as I've already got people pestering me to have a flat warming and one of the girls at work wants to go to the gym together. The times they are a changing! I also lost 2lb this week despite my alcohol binge on Sat night. Its all good! 4lb off 50lb!

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