Thursday, 6 May 2010

Got my 10% stolen :(

So I lost 1lb this week after my weekend of total excess in the form of enough alcohol to sink a battleship which I was pretty damn pleased about! I helped clerk in at the meeting this week so didnt get to sit in the meeting but Kathryn, the new leader got me up anyway which was embarassing but also a proud moment! I've now hit the 2 stone mark and the compliments from colleagues are really making me smile! The best thing is that I can tell now and it feels amazing!

In not so nice news I got mugged last night by two teenage girls. I worked a late shift and have to walk a mile from the trainstation to get home. They followed me for nearly the whole mile, saying random things to me. I felt really vulnerable but just thought they were being silly girls and were going to just call me names or something, because when you're my weight it doesn't seem to be that uncommon. Looking back I really wish I'd gone into one of the takeaways on the way up the hill and told someone, they could have walked the rest of the way with me or something. I'd just got to the top of the hill, about 1-2 mins from home when they got me, told me to hand over everything I had and each held a knife near my throat. I just let them take my bag because it wasn't worth it.

I ran home and Mike rang the police, they were with me in about 2 minutes, took me back to re-trace where I'd walked and got me to describe everything that I'd noticed or that had happened. They're taking it really seriously and are investigating it. I have a lady assigned to the case who I can get in touch with anytime. Someone called today saying my bag had been handed in this morning, a lady found it discarded with everything in it except my purse. There was no cash in my purse which makes me feel better and I cancelled my cards straight away so they basically did it all for nothing. I'm pretty shaken and have been tearful on and off all day but I went into work and it has helped me cope. The lady from CID also wants to put an appeal for information in the local paper. I'm really impressed so far at how seriously they're taking it and it does make me feel reassured. I'm just thinking now about whether I should access some form of counselling, because of the job I do I could access it through work. I guess its something I need to have a think about.

In WW news, I haven't tracked today but I haven't overeaten at all, I'll be back on it tomorrow I just can't face counting and weighing everything after 2 hours sleep, eugh.

Hopefully I'll have nicer news soon!


Oh, my 10% keyring was in the very dare they, I only got it on Monday!

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  1. Ohh dear, hope you're ok hun!

    Can imagine how frightening that must of been for you :'( and to think you've lost your 10% keyring too...little f'ers!!

    Hope your leader gives you another one!

    Lauren x