Sunday, 23 May 2010


So after my 0.5lb gain I've really tried to track a lot better this week but I feel that I'm eating too much. I've felt like that all the way through my few months on weightwatchers so its nothing new. I was hoping for a 3lb loss at weigh in tomorrow and I'm still hoping for that, but not as confident now. I've noticed I'm only nervous about weigh in when I think I might have done alright. If I know I've been naughty then I know I'm not going to have a good result at the scales so theres nothing to be nervous about.

As a little test I tried on the last pair of size 20 jeans I own, and the smallest pair I had. In March they didn't go further than my knees, a week or two ago they went on but I couldn't do them up. Last night I tried them on and they went on, buttoned and zipped up. So bloody chuffed with myself! So lets hope its a sign of a good result tomorrow!

Got another call from CID this week. They've had two girls in custody as I think I said in my last post and released them on bail til the end of JUne. They were meant to go back to the police station to get photos taken. I should be getting a call from a seperate service that deals with the identification. I have to watch a DVD with images of lots of different girls on it and pick out the ones who did it. Don't know why I'm so nervous. The same night I got the call from CID this week the officer who took my statement gave me a ring to make sure I'm OK and to make sure I understand the process. The police get a pretty bad press but I've been so impressed by it all. I thanked her for her patience on the night she took my statement as I was pretty upset but she just brushed it off saying it was part of her job.

Fifth silver seven tomorrow *crosses fingers* I'll back here to report either way.

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  1. Good luck honey! I'm glad the police process is going okay, I will throw you an e-mail tonight/soon xxx