Wednesday, 19 May 2010

A Shaky Week

This week is the first week I've gained any since starting at the beginning of March. I had a 0.5lb gain which really I'm not too bothered about. I know I'll be back on track this week and heading for a reasonable loss. I got a bit complacent (i.e. lazy) and haven't been tracking properly. I also had a full on chinese takeaway the night before weigh in. Note to self: Never a good idea! Hoping for a 3lb loss this week, I'll reach my 5th silver seven then.

In other news I got a call tonight from CID. They've had 2 girls in custody today who they think might be the girls that mugged me two weeks ago so I've got to arrange to go and identify them from images. For some reason I'm really scared. What if I don't recognise them? It was dark and I've tried not to think about it since it happened, I was shaking when I got the phone call tonight. Eek!

Loving work at the moment which I know is in no way cool to admit, but I'm not ashamed. I'm one of those really irritating people who enjoys going to work. I never thought that'd happen! I know this sounds cheesy but I really really like my colleagues, all of them. I think thats even more important to me than most as I moved away from home for the job and don't know anyone outside of who I meet at work. Happy days. A few of us are talking about taking up salsa or zumba, or any kind of fun fitness type thing. Exciting!

I'm famished tonight, going down to 26 points isn't agreeing with me. God knows how I'm gonna cope when its like 19/20. Dear oh dear! Guess I'll have to be a bit more creative. I've also decided I REALLY want to be in the WW magazine. How cool would that be?!

Will hopefully post later in the week, I've been a bit crap recently!

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