Sunday, 27 June 2010

All change!

So I'm single now, and I must say so far I'm liking it. I've signed for a little flat in Leeds. Its just a studio flat, the living and bedroom are together but it'll do for me! I'm actually quite looking forward to only having to cook for myself. If I only want cheap pasta and sauce I wont have anyone else moaning that its boring or anything. I have to say though, I'm now getting pretty scared that I've become too dependent on living with someone but time shall tell! I'm moving out the week after next and I've got such mixed feeling about it. Me and Mike are getting on loads better now we're not together as its like a weight has been lifted and I dont feel the pressure anymore to be happy.

I'm not interested in getting with anyone at the moment, though I have to say a little attention and a cheeky snog would be nice lol. I think the worst thing for me right now would be to get straight into another relationship. I think its going to be good for me to be single for a while.

Things WW wise aren't good, but we shall see tomorrow what the damage is. I put on 1lb last week after my little binge, but then it was time of the month. This week I haven't been particularly good or bad and I've done the 5K race for life today so we shall see. Hoping to lost the 1lb I put on last week at least. I need to get back in the zone! Going to properly point this week , even if I go over!

Hope everyone else is doing well!

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